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When You Believe You Can, You Can

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I had a moment today… a moment where I was suddenly struck by how amazing my life has become. You may or may not know this, but I was laid off from my job as a Clinical Supervisor 2 years ago. I was a victim of the pandemic. My program couldn’t afford to keep us all, and so 8 folks had to go. They went by seniority, and since I was only beginning my 3rd year with them, I was on the chopping block.

It sucked. I was mixed with so many emotions. On the one hand, I was pissed off that after all the hard work I had put into the program, I was the one to be let go. On the other hand, I was sad, because I truly loved my staff, my co-workers, and my boss. And on a whole different side of it, I was grateful.

See, I had come to realize that I was as high up as I was going to go as a Clinical Supervisor. My boss had approached me, wanting to know if I’d be interested in becoming a Program Manager, but I declined. I didn’t even talk it over with my husband, I just said “no.” And when I did that, I was struck with this thought, “Is this it? Is this what I’m going to do for the rest of my life?”

I get bored easily. And as much as I loved my job, my co-workers, and my program, I couldn’t see myself doing the same thing day in and day out until retirement. I wanted something different. I felt like I could do so much more, but I knew corporate life wasn’t for me. Being a Program Manager would have been a bump up, but it would take me too far from what I love to do most… help people.

As a therapist, I helped people EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I changed people’s lives, brought them back from incredibly dark places. As a supervisor, I was 1-step removed from the miracle of changing people’s lives. But I was still making an impact. I LOVED my supervisees. I still do. I was filled with so much purpose in helping them to become better clinicians. Helping them refine their skills so that they could go on and make an even bigger and better impact in the world than I could do alone.

I told my dad once, “As a therapist, I change 20-30 people’s lives at a time. As a supervisor, I change 104-120 lives at a time.” Every amazing therapist I coached became an agent of positive change in the universe. It was such an amazing blessing.

But something inside me said that I could do more, I could do better. I started playing with the idea of quitting and going into private practice, but I was too scared. I was too scared to take the leap of faith. My husband kept talking about what a risk it would be, that we had too many financial responsibilities to take the risk. And I was so scared that I would be leaving something I loved, jump into private practice, and discover I hated it.

But then I was laid off. The rug was pulled from underneath me, and I was angry and hurt about it. But then... I became grateful.

So, where is this all going? I started off saying that I was struck by the thought that my life is amazing, only to talk about how I was laid off. Well, here’s what happened next….

Following my departure from my agency in October 2020, I have done nothing else but grow! It’s been 2 years since I was laid off, and in those 2 years I’ve:

~ Created my own business

~ Grown my private practice to fulltime

~ Make more money than I have EVER made while working HALF the hours

~ Spend more time with my kids than I was ever able too

~ Published 2 books

~ Became an adjunct professor at the graduate level at a local university

In less than a year I boomed professionally and actually achieved work-life balance!

I am so grateful. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and I truly believe the Universe knew I wouldn’t take that leap of faith. It knew I was going to need a shove, and what a great shove it was!

I am so grateful. I’m seeing clients again, as a therapist and as a life coach, helping people change their lives for the better. I’m teaching new therapists, helping them learn how to do this work and do it well.

I am so grateful.

I hope hearing a little of my story has helped motivate and inspire you on your own life journey. Whatever trials you are going through right now, don’t despair. The Universe works in mysterious ways. Trust that you can prevail, feel gratitude for EVERYTHING, and grow. If I did it, you sure as hell can do it too!

If you're ready to shift your mindset, empower yourself, and BELIEVE you can achieve your goals, then give me a call or book a free consult. Let's see how I can help you RISE.


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Krystal Dreisbach is a licensed therapist, mindset coach, adjunct professor of counseling, and published author.  Her specialties include depression treatment, anxiety counseling, stress management support, and mindset coaching.  Learn more about Krystal and see how she can help you live a better life.

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