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Self-Esteem Coaching for Teens

Equine-Assisted Coaching

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What is Self-Esteem Coaching?

Teen girls are bombarded by negative messaging from the world. It's no secret that girls struggle with their self-esteem, and this struggle can lead to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, and other unhealthy behaviors.

Self-esteem Coaching seeks to help girls learn to value who they are and develop self-confidence in the woman they are becoming.

Self-Esteem Coaching for Girls

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Who We Work With

We specialize in working with teen girls in high school. 

Our coaching follows a group model, because we find that girls benefit from interacting with each other, developing relationships, and learning that there are other girls just like them.

Our group sessions have a minimum of 2 girls and a maximum of 4. Group sessions are 90 minutes to ensure each girl has time to share, connect with each other, and engage with the horses.

Group Sessions are $250 per session.

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Vet Petting a Horse
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