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The Art of Parenting:
How to Parent from Infancy to Adulthood

A comprehensive and easy-to-follow manual that shows you how to be stronger nurturers and caregivers. 

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Eliminating Temper Tantrums:

4 Keys to Mastering Your Child's Anger Outbursts

This quick read will give you the 4 keys to eliminating your child's anger outbursts for good, no matter how old your child is!

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The Art of Parenting Workbook:

Practical Exercises & Activities for Nurturing Families

The must-have workbook that develops your parenting skills while utilizing the Wholistic Parenting approach.

Trials of the Working Parent love you bl

Trials of the Working Parent:

A Busy Mom's Guide to Kids, Work, & Loving Yourself

An honest and humorous look at the realities of motherhood as a working parent.

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