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Online Counseling

At Balanced Life Counseling, we provide virtual therapy which is conducted online, using a secure platform to maintain your privacy.  This service is offered to anyone living within the state of California.

In order to receive online counseling sessions, you will need:

  • A device that has the ability to connect to the internet and has video/audio capabilities.  Most clients have success using a computer, tablet, or their cell phone.  

  • You will also need an internet connection or a data plan if you are using a cell phone.

  • A safe and secure place to have your therapy session, such as a closed office or bedroom.  

Online therapy is convenient, allowing you to receive treatment wherever you need to.  Some clients will even take their lunch break in their car in order to have a therapy session.  Although this is not the best way to have therapy, some clients utilize this to avoid missing work and ensure they receive the care they need.

To schedule an appointment, call 909-443-2674

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