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When Opportunity Knocks

Around every corner, is an opportunity. My dad used to tell me:

"Opportunity is always knocking, but if you're not there to answer the door, then it moves on to the next person, and the next, until someone has the courage to open the door. Don't be the one who was too afraid to answer it."

My dad was a wise man. He died just a few months ago in January 2022, a great loss for sure. But I carry so many of his wise teachings with me. And this one, is one of them.

There is something you want right now. Perhaps it's a new job, to ask the woman of your dreams to marry you, a child, to move to a new place, or to finally write the book you've kept locked away in your heart.

Maybe that something is a better life, better health, better relationships, or better emotional resiliency.

Whatever it is you want, you don't have it yet. Why? What is holding you back from pursuing what you want and need this very moment?

If I had to guess what keeps you stuck in the same place, I would guess it is FEAR. Maybe it's fear of failure, fear of judgement, or fear of loss. Perhaps it is fear of pain, fear of success, or fear of responsibility.

Whatever your fear is, it's keeping you stuck in the same place you've been this whole time. Making the same choices, the same decisions, will only ever produce the same outcome, and you'll never accomplish the goal or reach the dream that has been in your heart.

BUT... Opportunity is knocking at your door. The possibility of a new outcome, a new reality, is creeping into the horizon of your life. All you have to do is be willing to answer the door and take the chance.

IF, however, you allow fear to conquer your soul again; to take root and keep you stuck in your same choices, Opportunity will move on to the next individual. And you will be left regretting the chance you didn't take.

What's the Opportunity that is knocking on your door right now? Why aren't you answering the door to a new and better life?

Think on that.

And, if you ever decide you want help in answering that door, in taking the chance, then contact me. I can help.


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Krystal Dreisbach is a licensed therapist, mindset coach, adjunct professor of counseling, and published author.  Her specialties include depression treatment, anxiety counseling, stress management support, and mindset coaching.  Learn more about Krystal and see how she can help you live a better life.

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