• K.C. Dreisbach, LMFT

High Context vs Low Context Communicators: Which One Are You?

Updated: Mar 5

Today I want to talk about High Context versus Low Context Communication. This concept is important to know and understand, because it is going to have a great effect on how couples and families communicate with one another. Frequently, differences in communication styles can lead to a lot of conflict within relationships as well as frequent arguing and misunderstanding. Surprisingly, I never learned about this concept in my graduate studies in psychology. I learned about this when I was trained to be a Mental Health Interpreter. (Yes! There's specialized training to be an interpreter for mental health appointments!) And I remember thinking to myself, "Why don't we learn about this as therapists?!?! This is good stuff to know!" I never got the answer to that question, but today, I frequently teach my clients about High and Low Context Communication. And today, I'm going to teach you!