• K.C. Dreisbach, LMFT

The 6 Signs of a Failing Relationship

Marriage is super tough work! I've worked with many couples (some married and some not) that after being together for a few years, start to notice bumps along the road. Couples frequently fall into "ruts," where you feel stuck in the same old routine of everyday life. Then, you add some major life commitments (like kids or buying a house) into the mix and you have a whole new pile of ups and downs that throw your relationship off course.

The good news is that it's nothing Couple's Counseling can't handle. The bad news is that, by the time most couples come in for Couple's Therapy, their relationship is in so much trouble that it can't be saved. That's why Couple's Therapy has a poor success rate. Essentially, Couple's Therapy doesn't work most of the time! So why would you even try it?!? Right?