• K.C. Dreisbach, LMFT

Self-Care for the Tired Mommy

Updated: Apr 8

Being a mom is so exhausting. How do you keep your energy up and emotions in check when you are dead tired and stressed out about tons of chores while dealing with a toddler throwing epic tantrums?!?!

Motherhood is probably the most difficult job you will ever have, and also one of the most important! Being a mom of young children presents lots of challenges on how to manage your schedule (especially if you have multiple kids of various ages), are a single mom, or are managing a career. In my book, Trials of the Working Parent, I go into great detail on tips of how to manage home-life, quality time with your kids, and self-care for you! Although I can’t delve into all of these aspects here, I’ll share with you the most important (in my opinion) to get you started.... And that’s Self-Care.