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Trials of the Working Parent love you bl

Discover how to achieve work-life balance as a working mom!

Are you exhausted all the time?  Are you filled with guilt because you work so much?  Are you overwhelmed by your work and family life?  Don't live another day feeling this way!

I've lived the real struggle that is being a working parent, and I know firsthand how to overcome it.  That's why I wrote this book.  I want every working mom to feel empowered, happy, and fulfilled.


In this book, you'll discover:

  • Tips for going back to work after having a baby

  • The truth about Postpartum Depression & how to spot the warning signs

  • How to shop for a daycare, preschool, or babysitter

  • How to increase quality time with your child without spending more time doing it

  • How to incorporate more self-care & prevent burnout in your daily life


Don’t struggle another day.  It’s time to feel happyinspired, and confident in who you are.  BUY NOW!

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