Winter 2020

Evolve into the BEST PARENT you can be!

What if you found a parenting book that taught you how to parent?  A book that taught you the skills behind parenting so that you could parent your child regardless of whether they were a toddler, a teenager, a boy, a girl, and so on?  A book that taught you the art of parenting?

My goal is to grow you, as the parent, so that you can evolve into the best parent you can be!  You will:

  • Develop the needed skills to create a healthy and positive family environment

  • Be guided on a journey of self-discovery

  • Learn to raise happier and emotionally-healthier children

  • Develop a deeper, meaningful sense of purpose as a parent

It's time to grow and become the best version of your parenting-self.  Join the movement and help your family become a more loving, emotionally-healthy, and united family!

Join the Launch Team!

A Launch Team is a group of people who are interested in making a book successful.  They believe in the mission of the book, and want others to have the opportunity to read and enjoy it too!  Without a great Launch Team, a book tends to fail and never gets into the hands of those that need it.

I'm currently looking for Launch Team members.  These are individuals who believe in the importance of creating loving, healthy, and united families.  These are individuals who want the families in their community to succeed in raising happy, healthy children.   If this sounds like you, then it's time to join the movement!  Join the Launch Team!

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