• K.C. Dreisbach, LMFT

Tips for Quality Time with Your Kids Without Adding to Your Plate!

Updated: Apr 8

Yesterday I met a neighbor of mine for the first time, and we began talking about being a parent. As her and I spoke, she brought up how much she loved playing with her kids. I think on the surface of everything, we all feel that way. As parents, we love to see a bright, happy smile on the faces of our children. But how many of us truly spend time playing with our children every day?

Yes, we send our kids out to play with siblings, with friends, even to play by themselves, but how many of us actually get on the floor with our sons for a gentle game of "The Tickle Monster," or pick up the Barbie doll and play "Pretend" with our daughters? Sure, I'm willing to bet we've all done this... but how often? For how long?