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Enjoy several articles on topics all designed to educate and inspire you into a better life.  Articles cover Parenting, Communication, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Motivation, and more.

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How to Do Box Breathing.png


Enjoy this free, downloadable pdf, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to do Box Breathing the right way.


This short, easy-to-read ebook provides you with my 4 keys to eliminating temper tantrums and anger outbursts in your children.  Get it here.

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Music Time


This 12 minute audio guides you through the exercise of Progressive Muscle Relaxation.  Excellent for reducing stress and helping you fall asleep.

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This 1-hour webinar teaches you how stress and anxiety impacts the body and discusses my 3-pronged approach to reducing stress and eliminating anxiety.


Enjoy this easy-to-read guide that teaches you why good sleep hygiene is so important, and gives you 12 healthy sleep habits you can adopt today to begin getting more restful sleep.

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Play School


This printable questionnaire can be used to interview perspective schools or daycares for your child.  Use it to keep yourself organized and to keep track of which facilities you've interviewed and what you think/feel about them.

A Warm Line is a telephone service staffed by people who are recovering from their own mental health problems, and are volunteering their time to be a support person to someone else in need.  This downloadable PDF was complied by NAMI, and is a list of Warm Lines accessible throughout the USA.

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