I'm glad you're here.

I'm a woman many talents, and my goal is to serve YOU on your journey to becoming a better version of yourself.  No matter where you are currently at on your journey to wellness, I can help.  I'm glad you finally chose to make the decision to change your life for the better.  Let's get started!

We all have to start somewhere.  Below are a few options to begin your growth journey:

  • Mental Health Services - Are you needing counseling or psychotherapy?  Therapy is a great option for individuals who feel that anxiety, depression, and trauma have wrecked havoc in their lives.  To learn more, you can click on "01: Psychotherapy" above, or you can use the Therapy link in the menu above to learn more about working with me in therapy.  Services I provide include:

    • Online Therapy​

    • Depression Counseling

    • Anxiety Counseling

    • Postpartum Counseling

  • Life Coaching - As a trained therapist with a decade of experience, I know how to get people the results they want in their lives.  Coaching is a service designed for individuals who don't need psychotherapy but still want support, accountability, and someone who can help them achieve their dreams and get results.  If you are interested in learning more about Coaching, click on "02: Life Coaching" above, or use the Life Coaching link in the menu bar.

  • The Wholistic Family Blog -  When I published my first book years ago, I started my parenting blog.  It has grown drastically since then.  Although the focus is still primarily on parenting, I have expanded to include articles on wellness, self-care, and mental health.  Interested?  Click on "03: The Wholistic Family Blog" above or use The Wholistic Family Blog link in the menu.

  • Author Info - Are you a parent?  Are you interested in learning how to become the best parent you can be so you can raise emotionally healthy children?  My books can help get you there!  I have a passion for helping parents and nurturing families.  If want to know more, click on "04: Books" above, or use the Author link in the above menu.