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Depression Counseling

Depression treatment that utilizes evidence-based approaches to maximizes effectiveness and increase success.

Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Balanced Life Counseling is committed to providing quality Mental Health Services to individuals in the state of California through online counseling to help individuals experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression.  We design and implement personalized treatment plans utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a client-centered approach to assist our clients in developing resiliency, practical coping skills, and live a more balanced, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

Mindset Coaching for Adults

At Balanced Life Counseling we also provide Mindset Coaching to individuals throughout the United States. We focus on helping individuals understand the mind and how thoughts impact your successes, failures, and overall wellbeing.  Mindset work can help improve your mood, build your confidence, and improve your quality of life.

Self-Esteem Coaching for Teens

At Balanced Life Counseling we specialize in working with teen girls, helping them develop their self-confidence and change negative thinking patterns. Our service is unique, in that our coaching is conducted outside and uses horses to assist girls on their journey toward loving themselves. Equine-assisted, self-esteem coaching can help improve your daughter's mood, build her confidence, improve her ability to communicate her needs, and develop healthy coping skills.

About Krystal Dreisbach

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Thanks for stopping by....

I'm Krystal Dreisbach, owner of Balanced Life Counseling.  I became a therapist because I truly wanted to help people and see others thrive.  I continue to work as a therapist and became a life coach because every human being that leaves my office feeling better, happier, and more balanced, fuels my passion to do this work.


What's keeping you from being happy?  Why aren't you thriving in this very moment?  Where are you stuck?  Tell me about it... I genuinely want to know.

I offer counseling services throughout the state of California through my telehealth, private practice.  I offer coaching throughout the United States through my online coaching practice.  I utilize a strengths-based approach, with an emphasis on skill-building, backed by neuroscience. 


My primary therapy specialties focus on helping individuals suffering from anxiety and depression, as well as those wanting to learn better stress management. 


As a coach, I serve individuals wanting to shift their mindset to have a more empowered thinking process and produce a more successful life.

Want to know more about me?  Click below to read more about my story and areas of specialty.

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