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Depression & Anxiety

I love working with Krystal. She's always full of knowledge and expertise she shares with me. Always challenging me in a healthy way to continue my healing.

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Krystal has been amazing help, she helped me through some very tough times. Absolutely the best help I've been able to get. She's kind, attentive, and generally cares. If I'm in need of help again, I will seek her out. Thank you Krystal!

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Krystal has been of tremendous help since I begun counseling with her. She is attentive and acknowledged my thoughts and feelings. She is understanding and seeks to help create a plan of success... I would recommend her!

About Krystal Dreisbach

I'm Krystal Dreisbach....

I became a therapist because I truly wanted to help people and see others thrive.  I continue to work as a therapist because every human being that leaves my office feeling better, happier, and more balanced fuels my passion to do this work.


What's keeping you from being happy?  Why aren't you thriving in this very moment?  Where are you stuck?  Tell me about it... I genuinely want to know.

I offer counseling services throughout the state of California through my telehealth, private practice.  I utilize a strengths-based approach with an emphasis on skill-building backed by neuroscience.  My primary therapy specialties focus on helping individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, and postpartum concerns.

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