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Growing in Motherhood & Becoming the Master of Your Life

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Parent Coaching

I don't work with everyone. 


I work with mothers who want to create emotionally healthy environments for their families while also wanting to honor their own growth as human beings and individuals.

Coaching is very different from therapy.  Psychotherapy is a service for individuals struggling with their mental health.  Coaching is designed for mentally healthy individuals who are looking to awaken themselves and level up.  Parent Coaching, specifically, works with the parent to develop their skills to master the art of parenting.  The idea here is not that you are imperfect as a parent... it's that you have the capacity to actualize yourself into the best parent you can possibly be.

Mothers seeking coaching are looking to feel confident in their identity as a parent while also honoring the person they were before they stepped into motherhood.  Mothers seeking coaching want to cultivate a love of who they are, refine their parenting skills, and raise children who are balanced and emotionally healthy.  They use coaching as an opportunity to learn, experiment with refreshing ideas, gain support, and become confident in the mother they are and the woman they have become.

Coaching has a focus on leveling people up.  You are a whole and complete person.  You have so much to give and are meant for so much more.  Motherhood suits you and you are the master of your life.  Command it. Own it. Live it.  Coaching will help get you there.

If you are ready to level up, schedule an appointment to chat with me about getting started on your new growth journey.  When you book a Growth Call, you'll receive a FREE, 30 minute call with me.  On the call, we'll review:

  • What you're looking for out of coaching

  • What I can and can't help you with

  • If coaching is the right option for you

  • And I'll even help you get clear on the goals you have for yourself

No strings attached!  If you're not interested in coaching, but simply want to gain clarity on what you need in your life right now, that's ok!  You can still schedule a call.  I'm here to help, not sell you anything.  So book a call, get clear on your goals, and let's get you on the path to loving motherhood.

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