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Postpartum Concerns & Perinatal Mental Health

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Postpartum Depression Counseling

Let's be honest... you had a baby, love this little human being more than anything, but you're not happy.  But you can't tell anyone about that.  People might think you don't like being a mom.  And if people thought that, they'll judge you. 


Or maybe you are "happy," but you find yourself worried ALL. THE. TIME.  The worry is endless... and the people around you just don't seem to get it.  Your mind is always swimming with everything that can go wrong, and you're always freaking out inside.

Or better yet, maybe you're happy and maybe you don't feel anxious, but you just can't put your thumb on what's wrong.  Something's just not right.  You can feel it, but you really don't know how to explain to anyone what's happening to you.  And you're angry... especially when the crying doesn't stop.  And then you feel guilty and ashamed.  And then, this thought crosses your mind... "What if I'm not cut out for this?"

It doesn't have to be this way.  And guess what?  You're not crazy.  You're not a bad mom.  You're not broken.  I wish someone told me that when I walked down that lonely road.

Motherhood is joyous, sure, but it comes with many pains, struggles, and dark moments.  And as moms, we often feel as though we need to carry this weight alone.  We struggle to ask for help, and when we do, we find ourselves anxious, scared, and convinced that no one will do the job as well as us.  And we feel trapped.  Just sooo trapped in this emotional rollercoaster that we desperately want to jump off of, but just can't find the emergency break!  

It doesn't have to be this way.  It is possible to feel better, enjoy your family, and get back into living a happy and peaceful life!  This craziness that you find yourself stuck in- the anxiety, the depression, the anger, the stress.  You don't have to suffer from this anymore.  There's a way out of the darkness....

Here's the deal, no matter what's plaguing your postpartum days, I've got you covered.

Suffering from Anxiety? 

I've got specialized training to manage that.


Suffering from Depression? 

Yup, I've got specialized training there too.


Is trauma haunting you, making it difficult to be the mom you want to be? 

Bingo!  I'm a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.

Struggling with the whole "parenting" thing?

No problem.  I write books on this stuff.


What's the point?  The point is that you don't have to do this alone anymore.  No one should have to go through this on their own.  Pick up the phone and call me to schedule an appointment right now.  Do it for your family, and if you can't do it for them, then do it for yourself!


Call my office today.  Let's talk and let's get you back on the road to a balanced life so that you can be the awesome mom you always dreamed of.  You can do this, and I'm here to help.

To schedule an appointment, or to learn more, call (909) 443-2674