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Are you ready to eliminate those temper tantrums?

Struggling to manage your child’s anger outbursts?  Learn the 4 vital keys to mastering those temper tantrums for good!


Do you feel overwhelmed by your child’s anger?  Do you doubt yourself when trying to manage their outbursts?  Are you tired of feeling embarrassed and powerless?  Author and licensed Marital & Family Therapist, K.C. Dreisbach’s 4 keys for eliminating anger outbursts has helped hundreds of families manage temper tantrums while improving the parent-child relationship.  With easy-to-follow tips and helpful examples, Eliminating Temper Tantrums gives you the tools you need to successfully manage your child’s anger for good!


In this book, you’ll discover:


  • The 4 vital keys to mastering anger outbursts

  • Tips to improve and encourage two-way communication with your child

  • K.C.’s Wholistic Discipline, a unique perspective that uses discipline as a tool for improving your relationship with your child

  • A deeper understanding of your child’s anger


Finally, you no longer have to take on the challenge of managing your child’s anger while questioning yourself, “Am I doing this right?”   With this short, easy-to-read book, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to dramatically improve your family’s life.


Pick up your copy of Eliminating Temper Tantrums today, and begin breathing easy tonight!