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The Anxiety-Free Life

Discover the simple, 3-step process, backed by neuroscience, to eliminate anxiety & stress in your life!


Whether you're suffering from anxiety or just have a stressed-filled life, this program is for you!


Designed to help individuals learn how to effectively eliminate anxiety from their life and efficiently keep stress in check, this program works for anyone!


Everything we teach is supported by clinical research and backed by neuroscience.


By the end of this program, you’ll have a working knowledge of your body and brain, be able to control stress, manage challenging life problems with more ease, and be on the path to eliminating anxiety for good! We guarantee it!

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Chronic Stress has a serious impact on your health!

Ongoing, chronic stress or anxiety can cause or worsen serious health problems, including:

  • Mental health problems, causing depression, clinical anxiety, or personality disorders

  • Cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes

  • Obesity

  • Menstrual problems

  • Sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation or lack of sexual desire

  • Skin problems like acne, psoriasis, or eczema

  • Premature hair loss

  • Gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers, GERD, and gastritis

The sooner you learn to control your stress and eliminate your anxiety, the sooner your physical and emotional health will improve!  Getting your anxiety and stress under control are vital to your quality of life.

In this program you'll learn


Take the first step toward living a better life and take back control with this easy, step-by-step program, giving you 6 months-worth of therapeutic value! We know you'll love it.  In fact, we guarantee you'll feel better, or your money back!



Welcome! I’ll introduce myself and give you a brief summary of what you can expect from this course. You'll also learn how stress kills you from the inside out, and why it's so important to get your stress & anxiety under control.



In week 2, I'll introduce you to the BAM Method, the 3-pronged approach that'll help you eliminate your anxiety and mange your stress for good!



We'll get right to work on learning several Anti-Anxiety Skills that'll help you reduce your stress and anxiety, and eventually, eliminate it for good! There's 2 weeks worth of content here alone.



There's no doubt that your mindset is KEY to a stress-free life! I'll teach you how to get your thoughts under control, change your toxic thinking patterns, and adopt a healthier mindset for a balanced life.



Once you've learned the BAM Method, you'll need to understand how to maintain it. I'll teach you everything you need to know so you can have long-term success and truly eliminate anxiety and stress for good!


N.M., Real Client

“I’ve learned all of these [skills] before, but the way you teach it and then the way you’ve helped my learn how to apply them has been a game-changer!  Being on the other side of working with you, I’d pay any price!  This has been worth every penny.  I would definitely do it again”

woman 13

A.P., Real Client

“It’s been 25 years since I’ve felt happy.  I’ve been so depressed because of my anxiety.  I’ve finally learned how to control my stress and my anxiety is gone!  Everything in my life has gotten better, and there’s no way I could have done it without you!”

K.N., Real Client

“I’ve been through so many therapists, and you are the BEST I’ve ever had.  I’m so happy I found you.”

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What would living a stress-free life be worth to you?

Chronic stress has SERIOUS health consequences that can greatly impact your quality of life, ruin your personal relationships, and trim YEARS off your lifespan.

What's it worth to feel better, live happier, and feel at peace in your day-to-day life? 


You deserve to feel happy and live better!

Sign Up Now

Get Unlimited Access to All Lessons,

6-months worth of LIVE weekly support, + Bonus Workbook!

What is the VALUE of that?


Remember, people will spend $175+ PER WEEK to manage their stress!  

After 6-months, that's $4,200+!


The Anxiety-Free Life Program

is worth well over $4,200,

but you won't pay anything close to that!

Think about this, our program was designed & is run by a

licensed mental health professional,

life coach,

professor of counseling,

& international author!

Krystal Dreisbach has worked with thousands of individuals,

and people pay $175 PER SESSION to work with her!

She's worked with actors and famous singers,

elite CEOs, and individuals in the film industry.

If she can help them, she can help you too!

The value of her program is worth well over $5000,

but Krystal wants everyone to achieve a stress-free life!

So we're offering the program for

only $800!

That's right!  You'll gain access to the entire program,

a program worth well over $5000 for only $800!

That's only $34 a week!  

Can you imagine that?

For the price of going out to dinner for ONE night a week,

you can achieve a Stress-Free Life!

And to add a cherry on top,

we're so sure the program will help you feel better,

we're backing it up with a money-back guarantee!

BUT we're only taking 100 people, and this program is being offered nation wide!



Sign up to reserve your spot right now

and take advantage of this risk-free offer right now

before spots run out!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I guarantee that if you practice the BAM Method, you will reduce your anxiety, reduce your stress, and feel better. If you're not satisfied, request your money back, no questions asked! It's a 100% risk-free.

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Presented by Krystal Dreisbach,
Therapist & Life Coach

Krystal is a licensed therapist with over a decade of experience in the field.  She has a BA in Psychology and a Master's in Marital and Family Therapy. Her experience includes serving as a Clinical Supervisor and field instructor to new therapists, and is an adjunct professor for Master's-level students at Azusa Pacific University. She provides psychotherapy to adults suffering from anxiety and Stress-Management Coaching nationwide.

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We're starting April 4, 2022.
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Admission fee for this program is $800


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